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Pet Odor Removal – Big Red’s Way

A dog looks up with sad eyes after causing a pet stain on the rug.

Big Red’s Guaranteed Clean offers several levels of care when it comes to pet odor removal and pet stain removal.

Regardless of the method, we will use a combination of technician experience, black lights, and moisture sensors to pinpoint the areas of damage and we will offer the most comprehensive guarantee possible based on the service level you choose.

Each pet odor removal procedure is listed below:

1.) Pet Odor Surface Treatment (POST) –

This method will thoroughly treat the carpet fibers without the need to disengage the carpet. A combination of acid pre-sprays followed by enzymatic pre-sprays and conventional hot water extraction will thoroughly wash the face fibers and remove pet urine odors. This is not a “Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal Process” because we cannot guarantee that the source of the odor has been treated. For instance, the primary and secondary backings may not be completely treated during this process – only the face fibers. Furthermore, the pad, walls, sub-floor surface, tack strips, etc. are also not treated with this process. We recommend this process for light to medium odors or in areas where spots were cleaned up rapidly. This process is way beyond normal cleaning and will extend drying times up to 24 hours.

2.) Pet Odor Water Claw Treatment (POWCT) – 

Water Claw Treatment is an extension of the surface treatment above. In addition to everything covered in the surface treatment, we would pinpoint the more severe areas using our testing equipment and experience. We would saturate an area one foot larger than the damaged area with a special odor and stain removal product. This process would wet the carpet backings and may even partially wet the pad. A tool called a “Water Claw” is then attached to our powerful vacuum system and the areas are extracted. This tool is designed to extract sub-surface moisture. These areas may remain damp for up to 48 hours which is actually helpful to the process as the chemical keeps working by digesting and destroying the odor-causing bacteria until it is completely dry. Again, because we are not able to verify that we have treated the source of the odor, we cannot guarantee pet odor removal in this situation.

3.) Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal (GPOR) –

This is the most effective method of all the Pet Odor Treatments. The carpet will be disengaged and pulled back so we are able to visually inspect the backing to see the exact area of the pet damage. The pad can be inspected and removed if damaged. The sub-floor will be cleaned and disinfected and then sealed. A plastic barrier will be installed and then the carpet will be soaked in our special odor and stain removal product for 45 minutes before extraction. Once extracted the pad will be replaced and the carpet reinstalled. This process is GUARANTEED to remove the pet odor from your carpet as we are able to get to the source of the odor and visually inspect both the surface and the backing in addition to the pad, underlayment and subfloor.

Products, Pricing, Performance – Three Guaranteed P’s

Products – The Big Red’s Guaranteed Clean Way

We carefully select only the best tools, equipment and chemicals on the market.

Pricing – The Big Red’s Guaranteed Clean Way

We will give you the best value! Our pricing is based on the level of service that you choose for Pet Odor Removal. Phone quotes for pet odor removal are really just a shot in the dark, so we prefer to perform a FREE In-Home Inspection – Our technicians will be happy to inspect, measure, and give you an exact Guaranteed Price Quote at your convenience.

Performance – The Big Red’s Guaranteed Clean WayOmaha Choice Awards Winner

Regardless of the Pet Odor Removal Treatment you choose, we will employ several unique procedures that will ensure you will Love Our Service! 

When cleaning up after pet damage, we always start by thoroughly inspecting the area(s). We may use a combination of blacklight, moisture sensors, and of course the best tool – our noses!

We will take special precautions to protect the floors, walls, and furnishings in the area.

We replace anything we move. If we have to pull your carpet back and remove and replace the pad, we won’t just leave you to search for an installer to come out and re-install one corner – We will have our installer replace the pad and re-install the carpet and leave the entire area clean and pristine!

Contact Big Red’s in Omaha today if you need pet odors or pet stains removed from the carpeting in your home!

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