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Grandi Groomer The Grandi Groom Professional Carpet Rake. This professional 18 inch carpet groomer prepares rugs and carpets for vacuuming or cleaning.
18" Grandi Groomer Price: $32.00
Product Information
Grandi Groomer The Lindhaus RX is a 2-Motor Upright Vacuum that has become renown worldwide thanks to its superb filtration system and the advanced technology used in its construction.
Lindhaus RX-HEPA Vacuum Price: $698.00
Grandi Groomer "OSR" combines the power of natural oxygen with biological power of odor modification to destroy odorous materials without leaving strong artificial fragrances behind.
OSR-XG Odor and Stain Remover 6.5 lb Price: $48.64
Grandi Groomer Odor-Zyme digests and liquefies organic waste, fats, starch, blood and other odorous solutions. It eliminates odors and removes stains.
Odor-Zyme, Gallon Price: $28.80.00
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