Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Procedures

Our procedures vary based on the type of material being cleaned. What makes Guaranteed Clean different is the overall way that we clean combined with the training and safety precautions that we take to clean even the most difficult fabrics.

When cleaning upholstery:

  • We always start by thoroughly testing the fabric to make sure we are using the safest and best procedure for the particular type of fabric we are working with.
  • We then take special precautions to protect the floor and other furnishings in the area and set up our “Cleaning Area”.
  • An important aspect of the cleaning area is the drying mat. We place a furniture blanket on the floor and place an air mover to blow air across the surface. As each cushion is cleaned, it is placed on the drying mat and rotated until it is dry.
  • We also take special care to wipe down any wood or solid surfaces and protect any metal buttons from the damp fabric.
  • Ask for Green Protector to help keep your fabric looking its best for as long as possible!

Upholstery Cleaning Methods

Wet Cleaning – The cleaning solution is sprayed onto the upholstery through a very special tool that completely controls the cleaning solution throughout the cleaning process. This patented tool allows the fabric to be washed without the fear of over-wetting, which is the cause of most upholstery cleaning problems. This wet cleaning process is the most effective at removing soil and restoring your fabrics to a like new condition.

Dry Cleaning – Although the name says “dry” cleaning, this method actually uses a liquid cleaning agent like odorless mineral spirits (OMS). This is called dry cleaning because it uses a waterless (dry) solvent. The process is very similar to the wet cleaning process other than the solution. However, with today’s fabrics and chemistry it has fairly limited use.

Leather Cleaning – This method is much like waxing a car and it takes a little longer than the fabric cleaning methods. Variations occur based on the exact type of leather. “Protected” leather is very cleanable and allows for the best results. “Aniline” leather is also very cleanable and the results are great, with a few limitations such as pet stains. “Nubuck” leather is the least cleanable type of leather. Often times the cleaning is limited to spot cleaning and brushing/grooming.


The Guaranteed Clean Way – Upholstery fabrics generally cannot be cleaned with the same chemicals that we use on carpets. We carefully select only the best tools, equipment and chemicals on the market.

Green Cleaning – We offer green cleaning products to suit any cleaning need – all at no extra charge!


The Guaranteed Clean Way – is to give you the best value! Our pricing is based on the fabric type and size of the piece being cleaned. Our technicians will be happy to inspect, measure and give you a Guaranteed Price Quote at your convenience. If you prefer a phone quote, just give us a call and we will talk you through it and give you a ballpark estimate for your pieces.

Below are some discounted price ranges for the most popular items:

Recliner: $35.00 – $52.50

Love Seat: $59.50 – $87.50

Sofa – 3 cushion: $83.30 – $122.50


The Guaranteed Clean Way – Regardless of the upholstery cleaning method we utilize, we employ several unique procedures that insure each client will Love Our Service! 


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