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There are 5 methods of carpet cleaning available today - Guaranteed Clean is the only company in town that provides all of them.
Most companies use one method and try to make it work in all situations. At Guaranteed Clean, we prefer to choose the best method to safely and successfully clean each type of carpet in any given situation

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Shampooing - In this process, the cleaning solution is showered onto the carpet through several openings in a circular brush. The rotary action of the brush whips the detergent into a foam andprovides agitation or rubbing action on the carpet. This suspends the soil, and the wet/dry vacuuming that follows removes it.

Bonnet Cleaning - This method employs a rotary floor machine with a round absorbent pad attached. Detergent is sprayed directly onto the carpet. As the machine is operated, the pad rotates on the carpet removing the soil as it is absorbed into the pad.

Foam Cleaning - This method uses a machine that generates foam, which is agitated into the carpet by brushes. The foam emulsifies the soil and is then removed by an extraction-vacuum pickup.

Dry (Absorbent Compound) Cleaning - This method uses an absorbent dry compound (containing solvents and detergents) that is sprinkled onto the carpet and worked into the pile manually or with a machine fitted with a brush. Soils are absorbed into the compound that is then allowed to dry. It is then vacuumed from the carpet removing the soil suspended by the compound.

Steam Cleaning - This is the most commonly used method for carpet cleaning today. Although it is called steam cleaning it really refers to hot water extraction. Cleaning compounds are sprayed onto the carpet to emulsify the soils and then hot water is flushed through the carpet to rinse out the soil laden solution.


The Guaranteed Clean Way is to use only the best tools, equipment and chemicals on the market.

Green Cleaning - We offer green cleaning products to suit any cleaning need - all at no extra charge!


The Guaranteed Clean Way - Regardless of the carpet cleaning method we utilize, we employ several unique procedures that insure each client will Love Our Service! We will wear booties in your home, we will use corner guards and other safety equipment to help prevent damage to your home during the cleaning process.

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